Brentwood management consultancy arm provides comprehensive merger & acquisition services to represent clients who have plans to acquire, divest or combine a business segment.

We can offer solutions to :

Privately-owned company currently reviewing its succession plan

Large corporations currently evaluating “spinning off” its business units

New Start-ups

Brentwood has a diversified portfolio of potential investors accumulating over the years. We offer professional assistance in “price negotiation”, such as by “Private Auction”.

Our services cover analyzing the businesses, locating prospective businesses or investors and driving negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Our merger & acquisition (M&A) process is quite different.

The main steps are as follows:

Step 1


  • Company analysis
  • Company description
  • Analyzing branch and environment
  • Deal Design
  • Marketing strategy

Step 2

Identification of Investors

  • Appraisal of potential national & international
  • Reconciliation of Interests
  • investors (Long-List)
  • List of investors (Short-List)
  • Primary confidential addressing

Step 3

Exploratory discussions

  • Firm establishment of preliminary talks
  • Coordinating - viewing – appointment
  • Selecting potential investors
  • Starting bidding process with limited buyers

Step 4

Sales process

  • Discussion with selected investors
  • Due diligence (tax, law, economic)
  • Meeting potential buyers for first discussions
  • Letter of Intent

Step 5


  • Contractual negotiations
  • Signing of contract